In Toronto, Canada Kraaon Enterprises first opened its doors. The year was 1946 the plans that had occurred a year early between Springer, Truman, MacArthur and Bailey had now to fruition. Concerned with a potential explosion of population the company dedicated itself to finding a suitable means of population control. Clearly the general public would not allow themselves to be culled at the will of its unknown masters. As a result easier, more functional ways had to be created. MacArthur being a noted general had soon found himself in yet another war (the Korean War). Having taken reigns in Japan, he immediately suggested that Korea (and by defect, China) have the nuclear bomb dropped upon them. A large amount of people would be extinguished, no questions would be asked and the earth could continue on its way until the next ‘war’. Truman who did not want their plans known, removed MacArthur from his position immediately. Publically it seemed the two had had a falling out. MacArthur a medalled war veteran ousted after all his dutiful service! What the public did not know was that MacArthur soon found himself leading the enterprise. He had come home. His intellect and planning rather than be used for military strategy could now be dedicated to population control.

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