Chavez Will Not Be Silenced

September 30, 2011

Chavez is a bold and brave leader for speaking out. The people deserve to know the truth about the Haiti earthquake and America’s involvement. I pray that when this device is turned on Iran, the world will take notice of our power hungry government and unite against our corruption.

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The Illumanti Assert Their Power

The Illuminati grow more powerful every day. Lies mask corruption, until the the tumor penetrates the skin. Are we so blind?

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Kraaon Forms

In Toronto, Canada Kraaon Enterprises first opened its doors. The year was 1946 the plans that had occurred a year early between Springer, Truman, MacArthur and Bailey had now to fruition. Concerned with a potential explosion of population the company dedicated itself to finding a suitable means of population control. Clearly the general public would not allow themselves to be culled at the will of its unknown masters. As a result easier, more functional ways had to be created. MacArthur being a noted general had soon found himself in yet another war (the Korean War). Having taken reigns in Japan, he immediately suggested that Korea (and by defect, China) have the nuclear bomb dropped upon them. A large amount of people would be extinguished, no questions would be asked and the earth could continue on its way until the next ‘war’. Truman who did not want their plans known, removed MacArthur from his position immediately. Publically it seemed the two had had a falling out. MacArthur a medalled war veteran ousted after all his dutiful service! What the public did not know was that MacArthur soon found himself leading the enterprise. He had come home. His intellect and planning rather than be used for military strategy could now be dedicated to population control.

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Population Management

The members of the cabal in Yalta realized that population control would only be possible using both extreme and secretive methods. If they were to preserve their race they needed to find a means by which culling the population could be done without scrutiny from the outside world. Asian population expansion was seen as alarming to all members present and the urgency of reversing this inevitable trend became all the more pressing.

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Living Under the Thumb

The previous concerns have not only been voiced by me, clearly. Different misguided interpretations on this subject have plagued history, whether it was by mass slaughter, repatriation, conversion or enslavement. There was always a desire of one group to be supreme over all groups. A desire to be the supreme ruler over all things, including nature. This is where the great cabal that occurred during Yalta differed. They wanted to be at one with nature.

Rosicrucianism was supposedly founded in late medieval Germany, but its secrets seem ageless. Amongst its esoteric beliefs (some of which include teachings from Sufi islam, Zoroastrianism and Lutheranism) was an alignment between man and nature. They were not to live side by side but entwined like two lovers, to never separate. Should nature (such as forests, animals or otherwise) cause consternation, man has the power to change its path. Man also has the power to change mans path.

As Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin in early February of 1945, Harry Truman, Axel Springer, Josiah William Bailey and a slighted Douglas MacArthur would meet to expand on their concerns for the world. The basis of concern? Their Rosicrucian faith. The rights of workers insured that every man, woman and child would have the right to medical care, food, education, work and individual rights. No longer would people have to struggle on a daily basis for survival as many had for centuries before them. This was a great concern for these three. With these new found advantages people would be able to live longer, breed more. An increase of people in any manner would pose a challenge to power. More importantly it would pose a challenge to man’s place on this earth. It had to be stopped. These were the men that were going to stop them.

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Have you ever wondered what would happen to the earth if it became over populated? You could argue now that it’s currently overpopulated. Take a look, there’s a billion people in China and a billion people in India. People are living on top of people in almost every continent in the world. Can you imagine if that was the case worldwide? What would happen to the forests? Can you imagine barren lands, no trees, just buildings housing increasing amounts of people? Can you imagine giant barges settled in the ocean expanding for great distances, rarely allowing us to take a glimpse at the beautiful water below? We are already in danger of wiping out entire species of plants and animals. At what point do we draw a line? At what point do humans take priority over our home? Which humans take priority? Do the diseased criminals that walk the earth take precedence over scientists? Do those that contribute little to a functional society deserve a place in an increasingly smaller space?

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It is time to teach some of you about this little known order. What needs to be understood is how complex it is. The threads it has sewn. It has many faces, forms, it is transcendent of history. No, it blankets history. It dates back to beyond the first screams of the baby prophets. They are as old as the earth itself. I believe they are in fact cosmic but have yet to proof it as scientific fact. In due time readers, in due time. What I can provide for you is the fact this order first took earthly manifestation during the Second World War. The consortium was initially formed out of fear of the devices of man. Near the end of the war, what had initially united the Allies had begun to wither and the differences between them soon forced them apart. Once stable governments soon crumbled in secret. Why else do you think that Churchill, a successful war time Prime Minister was not re-elected? It had nothing to do with promises made or faith lost. Take a look at the other leaders involved. One attempt on Stalin’s life was failed, it was said to be a German attempt. Upon further research one could surmise that there were others that followed from his own ranks.

The most important of all the characters in the Second World War was surely Roosevelt. The new deal had brought great relief to millions and had set a historic standard envied by many over the world. It also set a stream of paranoia through many of his staff and his commanding officers. What trusting old Franklin did not know was that as he met with his equals at Yalta, the military complex was taking steps to ensure that the left would never succeed. Ill allow you to chew on that for a bit readers.

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Man Shall Soon Be God

September 19, 2011

These recent disasters are much more than they seem. The Christians are on the right track when they claim the end is nigh, however they are wrong to say the disasters are the undue influence of a God. This is the work of man. Man shall soon be God.
A higher order has been born; one that evades all detection, exceeds all expectations and powers. This goes further than the Masons, the Bilderburg group, anything that fool Crowley ever purported to do or tried to do.
The new order shall rise swiftly and mightily.

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