The previous concerns have not only been voiced by me, clearly. Different misguided interpretations on this subject have plagued history, whether it was by mass slaughter, repatriation, conversion or enslavement. There was always a desire of one group to be supreme over all groups. A desire to be the supreme ruler over all things, including nature. This is where the great cabal that occurred during Yalta differed. They wanted to be at one with nature.

Rosicrucianism was supposedly founded in late medieval Germany, but its secrets seem ageless. Amongst its esoteric beliefs (some of which include teachings from Sufi islam, Zoroastrianism and Lutheranism) was an alignment between man and nature. They were not to live side by side but entwined like two lovers, to never separate. Should nature (such as forests, animals or otherwise) cause consternation, man has the power to change its path. Man also has the power to change mans path.

As Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin in early February of 1945, Harry Truman, Axel Springer, Josiah William Bailey and a slighted Douglas MacArthur would meet to expand on their concerns for the world. The basis of concern? Their Rosicrucian faith. The rights of workers insured that every man, woman and child would have the right to medical care, food, education, work and individual rights. No longer would people have to struggle on a daily basis for survival as many had for centuries before them. This was a great concern for these three. With these new found advantages people would be able to live longer, breed more. An increase of people in any manner would pose a challenge to power. More importantly it would pose a challenge to man’s place on this earth. It had to be stopped. These were the men that were going to stop them.

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