Have you ever wondered what would happen to the earth if it became over populated? You could argue now that it’s currently overpopulated. Take a look, there’s a billion people in China and a billion people in India. People are living on top of people in almost every continent in the world. Can you imagine if that was the case worldwide? What would happen to the forests? Can you imagine barren lands, no trees, just buildings housing increasing amounts of people? Can you imagine giant barges settled in the ocean expanding for great distances, rarely allowing us to take a glimpse at the beautiful water below? We are already in danger of wiping out entire species of plants and animals. At what point do we draw a line? At what point do humans take priority over our home? Which humans take priority? Do the diseased criminals that walk the earth take precedence over scientists? Do those that contribute little to a functional society deserve a place in an increasingly smaller space?

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