It is time to teach some of you about this little known order. What needs to be understood is how complex it is. The threads it has sewn. It has many faces, forms, it is transcendent of history. No, it blankets history. It dates back to beyond the first screams of the baby prophets. They are as old as the earth itself. I believe they are in fact cosmic but have yet to proof it as scientific fact. In due time readers, in due time. What I can provide for you is the fact this order first took earthly manifestation during the Second World War. The consortium was initially formed out of fear of the devices of man. Near the end of the war, what had initially united the Allies had begun to wither and the differences between them soon forced them apart. Once stable governments soon crumbled in secret. Why else do you think that Churchill, a successful war time Prime Minister was not re-elected? It had nothing to do with promises made or faith lost. Take a look at the other leaders involved. One attempt on Stalin’s life was failed, it was said to be a German attempt. Upon further research one could surmise that there were others that followed from his own ranks.

The most important of all the characters in the Second World War was surely Roosevelt. The new deal had brought great relief to millions and had set a historic standard envied by many over the world. It also set a stream of paranoia through many of his staff and his commanding officers. What trusting old Franklin did not know was that as he met with his equals at Yalta, the military complex was taking steps to ensure that the left would never succeed. Ill allow you to chew on that for a bit readers.

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